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    Bugs with Slingbox 500

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      1. My long-standing account was refused as invalid email address.  It was in the format xxx@xxx.xxxxxxxx.edu.  Please check your rules for syntax checking.


      2. Am I wrong, or is is there no longer an online setup feature?  How terrible to get rid of this!  I kept a remote controlled pc on the slingbox network so I could remote troubleshoot.  I can't do this anymore!  It's more conceivable to discover a problem when you're away from home.  Now there's no way to troubleshoot or fix it!  What should happen if the ir remote breaks?  It is a mistake to get rid of the PC setup function.


      3.  No more static network settings?  Why???  Please add this back.

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          Also, how about activating the forum for Slingbox 500.  That way these posts can go to the right place for people to see them!

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              Just to add some additional information:


              Slingmedia confirmed that they do not support SlingCatcher with the 500 or 350.  It appears in the directory when you login, but when you attempt to access the box, it asks for a "password".  Previous models of slingbox would make you assign a password during setup, but since the setup is now done differently (via IR remote controller), there is no password assigned.  I tried several standard default passwords including admin, sb500, and blank, but these were all invalid and I wasn't able to access the box in the end.


              This is a huge disappointment.  Slingbox no longer supports the slingcatcher, and there is one less media player on the market as BoxeeBox has been discontinued.  So access is taking a major hit.  On top of it, the technician I spoke with could not confirm whether the other slingplayer for connected devices would be supported going forward.  I haven't heard if they work as of yet with the new slingboxes. Slingbox 500 no longer uses port 5001, but has switched to 5201 (again, no manual ability to override this).  5001 was the port for internet traffic to support slingcatcher, WD TV, Boxeebox, and iPhone/iPad platforms.  So I'm not sure what the port change means for these other devices.


              I sincerely hope SlingMedia will change this as it will certainly be a big disappointment to many of the loyal sling crowd like myself.