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    newwatch not as nice as "old" watch


      I've had my slingbox pro for about a year now, and the latest "newwatch.slingbox.com" web player is disappointing.


      I use a separate browser (Safari on Mac) to watch slingbox, and I always use the popup video player, so I can resize it as I see fit.  The old player let me close the browser, and when I reopened it, would reload the popout player and begin playing, but the new one gives me a 404 error when I do the same thing.  I have to close the popup browser window, select "New Window", click on the watch.slingbox.com link, and all that junk.  Ugly.


      Also, I've come to realize that with the "old" watch.slingbox.com I could close the "main" window, and use just the popup player to control my video.  Now, with the "newwatch.slingbox.com" player, I have to keep the main window open if I ever want to use the TiVo remote control.  Stupid me, what was I thinking?  Trying to close a window that isn't being used anymore?  Why would I want to do that?

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          gmoney Newbie

          What happens if you set the ON LOGIN setting to "Always open in Popup player"?


          Does that make any difference?

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              I *DO* have that set.  But it only works if I open up the (minimized) main safari window and click on http://watch.slingbox.com again.  And when I do that, a whole new popup window opens up, meaning I still have to close the old popup window (the one with 404 tomcat error).


              I used to not have to keep the main window open and the popup window would immediately start up when I reopened safari.  I'm sure there are better features, but from a usability perspective, it's a step backwards.


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                  gmoney Newbie

                  I can't reproduce any of this with Safari 6.0.1


                  Can you please give specific details and step by steps instructions as to how you reproduce this issue?

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                      Sure.  Mac Pro running OS X 10.8.2 and Safari 6.0.1.


                      1) Open Safari

                      2) browse to http://watch.slingbox.com (which redirects to newwatch.slingbox.com)

                      3) if you don't have "open popup player at login" selected, click the button to open the popup player.

                      4) minimize (or close) the main Safari window (click the yellow dot or the red dot).

                      5) close Safari by pressing Cmd-Q or selecting Quit from the Safari menu

                      6) open Safari again


                      You get the old popup player with the messages


                      HTTP Status 404 -


                      type Status report




                      description The requested resource () is not available.


                      Apache Tomcat/7.0.6



                      If you don't minimize or close the main window before closing Safari, when you reopen, you will get a second popup window showing the slingbox app, but the original popup window with the same 404 error is there too (underneath for me).  But that second popup window only seems to occur if the main window is visible when Safari is opened.


                      It does appear that I was wrong about the tivo remote control requiring the main window be open.  I am able to open the tivo remote from the popup window after closing the main browser window.