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    Slingplayer 2.0 - Sound but no Picture - Can't Troubleshoot


      I've been using Slingplayer 2.0 on my Windows XP desktop for quite a long time without a problem until recently.  It began with when I would first open Slingplayer.  After connecting, the windowbox would change size, the leftmost 3/4 or so of the screen would be dark, but right 1/4 or so would be a see-through to the background color of the desktop.  That happened for a day or so, then today I rebooted and now only get sound with a black screen after connecting.  I tried running Setup Assistant, and can see video in the small frame on the left, but once I Apply settings and exit to the player, I still get only black video.  I've tried running my video card optimization program, but nothing I'm trying is having any effect (including messing with Hardware Acceleration settings, as well as color and contrast settings).  I'm not getting any diagnostic error messages.  Nothing has changed in my setup, and all other applications seem to work okay.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!