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    Unreliable streaming in HD

    stevesmith99 Newbie

      Like other sling users, I am still having issues streaming in HD even after the recent upgrade both my sling box PRO-HD firmware, and the iPad  player.


      *  Stream in SD and it streams perfectly at between 1536 to 2008 kbps.


      *  Stream in AUTO and the video and sound are jumpy/black screening every minute or so, and the stream is between 632 and 1515 kbps.


      *  Stream in HD and again the video and sound are jumpy/black screening , however you have no idea what rate of stream you are getting as the field is blank.


      Streaming on a PC or a MAC experiences no issues.



      SLING, please at least acknowledge the problem exists so we know you hear our plea's for help !

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          Hello stevesmith99,


          Great Question! So I am able to assist you further, I have a few questions in regards to your particular case:

          • What iPad model (i.e. iPad2, iPad3) are you connecting with?
          • Are you connecting via WiFi, 3G or 4G?
          • What iOS version do you have installed on your iPad?


          Thank you,

            The Sling Moderation Team

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              Stevesmith, I am having exactly same problem. When not on home network I am getting choppy HQ and sometimes a black screen then comes back.  Here is my info:


              Normally get 1500-2000kb upload

              PRO-HD Firmware 2.1.370

              Ipad2 using iOS6 on 3G

              iPhone 5 using iOS6 on LTE

              IPhone 3GS using iOS5 on 3G


              Anything running on home network via wifi works fine.  No choppy video. No black screen. Was not having these problems at all until a few weeks ago.


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                stevesmith99 Newbie

                Hi Archie34,


                Thanks for the reply.  My details are as follows:


                *     Slingbox PRO-HD firmware version 2.1.370 with 2mbit upload


                *     iPad 2 with iOS6 using WiFi


                *     iPad 2 with iOS5 using WiFi


                *     iPhone 4s with iOS6 using Wifi



                Before the recent upgrade to the back end servers I was able to watch HD quality video streams without issue.




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                  iPad, iPhone are useless in AUTO and HD and so is SB Support.  My HD stream is 3032, AUTo 632.  Both buffer like crazy.  See the notes below for my internet connection speeds.


                  2:50 PM  Carlisle Owen:

                  Hi Jesse


                  2:50 PM  Jesse:
                  Thank you for contacting Sling Media. My name is Jesse. Which product would you like support on?



                  2:51 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  SB500 and iPad.



                  2:51 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  Streaming to macbook pro is outstanding but to ipad/iphone, only works in SQ



                  2:52 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  auto buffers all the time and not enough speed for HD



                  2:52 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  Using same network and same wirless for macbook and ipad



                  2:52 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  the SQ is just not very good



                  2:53 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  any thoughts?



                  2:54 PM  Jesse:
                  That's a great question. I'd be happy to answer that for you.



                  2:54 PM  Jesse:
                  To verify, it works fine on the Mac?



                  2:54 PM  Carlisle Owen:



                  2:54 PM  Jesse:
                  Are you running 3g or 4g on the iPad and iPhone? Or are you running this through Wi-Fi?



                  2:55 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  strictly wifi



                  2:55 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  stream is stuckk at 632



                  2:55 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  never more, never less



                  2:55 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  mac stream is 1200 to 1800



                  2:56 PM  Jesse:
                  Can I have you on your computer go to speedtest.net?



                  2:56 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  yes.  stand by



                  2:58 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  Ping 5ms Download 81.54  Upload 76.95 Mbps  Server Seoul, Korea



                  2:59 PM  Jesse:
                  Are you currently in the Slingbox location?



                  3:00 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  No, SB is in US but with a strong connection, 8Mbps down, 5 up according to my wife



                  3:01 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  ipad still shows 632



                  3:02 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  constantly buffers in AUTO


                  3:02 PM  Jesse:
                  All  I can recommend is reinstalling the apps. Or trying a different  network. To be honest, any other troubleshooting would need to be  performed from the Slingbox location.


                  3:03 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  when I am at the location, the streaming is at 3000+ as I am on the LAN.



                  3:03 PM  Jesse:
                  Then it most likely is the network you're on.



                  3:03 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  I have consistantly had the same problem with my proHD also.  Is there a work around  in progress at Sling?



                  3:04 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  no, not the nework I am on, as I have tried 3 different networks tonight



                  3:04 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  all the same



                  3:04 PM  Jesse:
                  Not that I am aware of. It may be your devices. What versions are you running for software?



                  3:05 PM  Carlisle Owen:



                  3:05 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  all of the forums have the same issue posted.  So Sling knows nothing about this???  I find that difficult to understand.



                  3:06 PM  Jesse:
                  I apologize.



                  3:06 PM  Carlisle Owen:
                  good answer.  good night



                  3:06 PM  Jesse:
                  I can't really think of anything else it would be.


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                  Same problem here:


                  HD pro


                  I have the latest slingbox firmware update and newest version of the ipad app (just tried reinstalling the app again tonight).


                  iOS 6 on the ipad


                  SQ bitrates avg 900 to 2000


                  Move the option to auto and it will run fine for 30 seconds with speeds up to 1500kbps the will stop, black screen, buffer and show a speed of 632/692.  Then it will improve speed back up for 30 seconds and then stop again, buffer etc.


                  I have a verizon 4glte mifi. 


                  Ipad app works fine on home network

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                      Exactly the same issue for me.


                      iPad 3 App, latest version.


                      Pro HD, new firmware.


                      SQ- 1400-2000, no prob.


                      Auto - 632 - 1500. 30 secs between circles / blackouts.


                      HQ - as above but with no figure.


                      Previous to iOS 6 updates would happily Sling on home network on Auto.


                      Sling team kindly let us know?

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                          OvCollyer Apprentice

                          I've been seeing this too.


                          Pro-HD latest firmware, iPad 3 with iOS6 and latest Slingplayer app.


                          Auto and HQ seem to be fine for a bit then buffers, then fine, then buffers.


                          If I disconnect, and then view my SlingCatcher I get a constant stream of between 3-5mbps which proves this is the iPad app and not my connection.


                          This is from Istanbul to a remote Slingbox in the UK,

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                        Same problem here.

                        I have an 100 Mb doownload and 8 Mb upload.

                        Before the update i could choose between HD , Auto and SQ.

                        After the update, i don't even get the choice. Am stuck on SQ.

                        I have the Slingbox Solo, Ipad 3 and iphone 5 both running on IOS6

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                          Same problem


                          iPad2 with iOS6

                          iPhone5 with iOS6


                          Only with Hq.


                          This is ridiculous! 

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                              doitt2 Newbie

                              Had somewhat similar issues streaming in HD to the iPad--it did not work at all.  Nor would the highest quality setting on the browser client.  With that said, the video quality on auto was not bad at all, and for the most part very reliable in my case.


                              So I upgraded my router from a single band 2.4GHz DLink router to an dual band Apple Extreme.


                              Even on the 2.4 GHz channel, with initial testing on the slingbox and clients, (as I created a dedicated network for 5GHz) streaming in HD everywhere at the max setting now works virtually flawlessly.  I still leave it on auto, but from the bitrates it is obvious it is coming at the best quality (4000 to over 6000 Kbps on the iPad, usually about 6000 or more on the browser).


                              That is not to say that there isn't an opportunity to imrprove the streaming algorithm, but it is clear that the choice of router, with equivalent specs (testing on the 2.4 channel), made all the difference.  And it is not that the strength of the wireless signal is any better--the Apple router reports that the Slingbox only has 'good' to 'average' quality with RSSI at -78dBm.  Not sure it was much better before.


                              Unfortunately, that is an expensive solution to the problem, but I had other reasons for upgrading it too, as I was not satisfied with the stability of the DLink, and especially not after banging it with lots of streaming sling video.

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                                  The problem that you have discovered is that to get hq before you only needed about 1500-3000Kbps. So Ali g messed up something when they did it

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                                      I just got a 350 last week (the day they came out) and I'm having the same issues as others here.  This is my first Slingbox.


                                      Up until last Thursday I had a HTC EVO LTE and it would not stream HQ over home wi-fi.  On Thursday I switched providers (for other reasons) and got a  Droid RAZR HD but experienced the same lock-up/stuttering when attempting to view in HQ mode over wi-fi.


                                      The past few days I have been visiting my parents but I'm having the same problems over their wi-fi network, although on 4G/LTE it seems to work.  I also have a laptop and a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and neither of those will stream HQ without constant stuttering over wi-fi.


                                      From the comments above can I reasonably assume that streaming in HQ had worked well prior to the lastest firmware update?  I sure hope so, because I'm starting to wonder why I spent the money on this device.  Yes, the ability to watch my programming remotely is nice, but I also assumed I should be able to watch a better quality stream, as advertised.

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                                          stevesmith99 Newbie


                                          *     Stream works fine in SD on my iPad streaming between 1500 and 2000mbps

                                          *     Stream works fine in HD on my mac streaming between 1500 and 2000mbps

                                          *     Stream works fine in SD on my mac streaming between 1500 and 2000mpbs


                                          NOT WORKING

                                          *     Stream has issues in HD on my iPad trying to stream at between 632 to 1500mbps



                                          *     We can assume there are no network issues at either end i.e. location where my HD-Pro is based, or where I am located with the Slingplayer as :

                                                         - I am receiving data at between 1500 and 2000mpbs on the mac in both SD and HD

                                                         - and I am receiving data again between 1500 and 2000mbps in SD mode on the iPad

                                          *     We can assume there is no problem with the encryption of the HD stream within the HD-Pro itself, as everything works fine on my mac.

                                          *     As only the HD stream is encrypted, we must therefore assume the problem is related to the decryption of the HD stream within the iPad player as the stream works acceptable data throughput rates in SD, being unencrypted.



                                          Problems started when Sling updated their back end servers ready for the launch of the new Sling 350 and 500.  I suspect changes have been made within the encryption algorthem which is why we needed a firmware updates to the HD-Pro and Solo and new player apps from the app store.



                                          I really do believe there is an issue within the iPad decryption, but doubt Sling will enter into communication on the subject, let alone admit it !

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                                              doitt2 Newbie

                                              I wonder what is the purpose of encrypting an HD stream but not a SD stream?


                                              Anyway, like I said earlier, I could not use HD at all on the iPad 3 with a DLink 802.11n router, but it works perfectly well with an Apple router.  A $180 solution yields a stream in HD from 2032 to over 6000 Kbps.


                                              For the benefit of people wondering what the difference looks like, here are some before and after examples:


                                              DLink, in auto mode, at only 735 or 1195 Kbps, which still looked good on the iPad retina display.








                                              Apple router in HQ, around 6000 Kbps:







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                                                OvCollyer Apprentice

                                                Are you able to try with an iPad3?


                                                Just wondering if the decryption is proving too much for the iPad2 processor at HQ.


                                                You could also try shutting down all other apps on your iPad - double press the physical home button and then touch and hold each app along the bottom until a cross appears on each one and then tap the cross to shut it down.


                                                This might free up some CPU and memory.

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                                                    stevesmith99 Newbie

                                                    I havn't tried on a iPad 3 as only have 3 x iPad2's in our house :-(


                                                    Can confirm problem still exists even after closing all the apps.  Im in the habit of only keeping open the apps I really need - Only good habit I have LOL


                                                    You may be right, the new decryption algarthym in the updated slingplayer apps may be proving too much for the iPad2 processor at HQ.  Any comments sling ?

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                                          Hello stevesmith99,


                                          Thank you for responding so quick! Have you tried connecting to more than one WiFi network? If not, I would recommend testing on another WiFi network. If you have and the same thing occurs, please contact us for further assistance. Below I have provided a link with our contact information:


                                          Best Regards,

                                            The Sling Moderation Team

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                                              stevesmith99 Newbie

                                              Thanks for the reply.  I can confirmed I have tested on another wi-fi network with the same results.  For the record I have an Apple exteme wi-fi network, and yes I've tested on another iPad as well.


                                              So many users having the same issue, with the only real consitent things being HD on iPad slingplayer.



                                              As for Sling support, they are as much use as a chocolate fire gaurd !  Im not paying another pay per incident fee, only to result in no fix.

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                                              Maybe the next step is a youtube video where the first step is a speed test showing the download and upload speeds.  The second step is playing the video on the device showing the problem.  What else can they question?

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                                                jbondsr1 Newbie

                                                I also noticed this.


                                                My Pro-HD is on 2.1.80 and my iPad 3 had the latest Slingplayer.

                                                What I did originally to get around it was to leave SQ playing for a while, and then switch over to HQ.


                                                But what I ultimately wound up doing was downgrading the iPad Slingplayer software to version 1.54.

                                                Much more stable on that version.


                                                Not sure if I have the same issue on the web player, as I still mainly use the Desktop software.

                                                Will report back.

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                                                  I'm having the same issue, but on windows 7 64-bit web player, using either ie or chrome.  I can stream fine in all settings except auto or HD.  I have 90mbit download at my remote location and 4mbit upload at my slingbox location.  Whatever they "upgraded" has broken HD streaming for those of us not using an imac.  This is total BS and Slingbox, you need to address this!  Don't just reference someone to the help line which doesn't help anything.

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                                                      I have the same issue with my web player. My SLingbox Solo (which 2 of them died in the space of 2 years - real good reliability) and my original slingbox all worked without issues on the same network. Now I get the 'new and improved' 350 and I can hardly stand to use it.

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                                                      I would like to see discussion on this thread revived because 1- I can definitely attest to it still being a problem and 2- three months have passed with no visible solution or updates to software, etc.  So I wanted to post some comments and observations.  My main observation, like others here, is the unusable AUTO video setting with SlingPlayer on my iPad 3.  When I initally setup my new Slingbox 500 in late December, I had the iPad and Slingbox on the same local network (gigabit wired speeds, 2.4Ghz 300Mbs wireless N - bandwidth was NOT a limiting factor).  The AUTO setting even there was buffering and unwatchable, I would just use HD.  Now that I am off the local network and connecting remotely both AUTO and HD are unusable.  I assume HD is related to my connection speed but AUTO should work - for instance it works fine for me on the web player.  One thing that I notice is that in the AUTO setting SlingPlayer starts with a crisp, almost HD-like picture, like the highest quality setting, and I don't see that quality dropping at all, instead it just buffers.  Contrast that with the web player: it seems to start with a lousy picture and over time it improves.  I guess as the stream gets locked on the software prioritizes some unbuffered video over quality and over time it is able to improve throughput, build a data buffer and thus improve the picture.  I'm not a programmer but visual interpretation of this is that the AUTO video algos on the web player are very different than the SlingPlayer for iOS. On watch slingbox.com I have no problems at all in AUTO mode - in fact, it is the single best way to view my Slingbox in my experience (when it works, I have problems there too).  Meanwhile I bought an AppleTV to use with my iPad + SlingPlayer, only to discover that I can only get Airplay to work in AUTO or HD mode - both of which are constantly buffering.  HD I can understand, my network is probably too slow. But cmon, AUTO is not working as it should be.  Anyone from Slingbox listening??