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    Slingplayer will not install





      When activating my slingbox, I am prompted to install a new slingplayer. I have tried this several times before, and it have always worked fine.


      But, this time, the slingplayer will not install.

      At a certaint time during installation, I am prompted to close the explorer, and continue the installation.


      BUT, This prompt box keeps comming back, and the installation is never started or finished.


      I have experienced this on several different computers.

      I am using Windows 7, - 32 bit IE


      Can anyone help me with this issue ??

      Thanks in advance.

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          I am experiencing this exact problem.  Sorry, I have not been able to find an answer.  Please let me know if you figure it out.  Thank you

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            I too am having the same issue. My IE is closed and the box still comes up.


            I cannot watch on my Android tablet either as my Slingbox is not compatible.


            I hate SLING!!!! 

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              gmoney Newbie

              It's not a Sling issue - it's an IE issue.


              Start the Task Manager from the taskbar.

              Click on the Processes tab.

              Find the iexplorer.exe image name.

              Select iexplorer.exe and click the End Process button.

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                  I'm having this same problem with a Mac Pro laptop...it worked up until this new plug-in requirement.

                  It still works fine on my Iphone however.

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                      gmoney Newbie

                      You can't be having the same problem - you're using a Mac, these issues are with Internet Explorer for Windows.


                      There's no Internet Explorer for Mac that works with the plugin.


                      Please post your issue to a new thread or find one that actually covers your issue.

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                      Hi gmoney

                      This is still a sling problem.

                      They are the ones creating the IE programs, and causing the problems...


                      Please note, I have been using Slingbox for about a year, with no problems. The latest updates have caused a lot of problems for many users.


                      SLING please wake up and correct theese erorrs and improve your software.

                      You may have a great product, but your poor programming and user interface will kill it.


                      thanks in advance

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                          gmoney Newbie

                          This thread is about people trying to use a Windows Installer to install a web plugin and how the Internet Explorer web browser doesn't quit: it keeps running, preventing the plugin install from completing.


                          If you have issues with the quality of Sling products, please raise them in a thread on that's on that topic.  This exact issue has been around since there was an Internet Explorer and it is not exclusively a Sling issue.  Please do not treat it as such.


                          Please do not muddy the waters for people who have a specific issue and are looking for a specific solution.

                          Please follow the house rules and be helpful - not a distraction.


                          You feedback is valuable and appreciated - please just share it where it is additive and not subtractive.