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    internet viewing


      hi everyone,   when in internet viewing i choose options which inturn shows your setup like make of your set top box etc i noticed the remote viewing is off is this correct,the reason for asking is haveing lots of trouble trying to access slingbox on my ipad or ipod touch when mobile,it takes forever to connect keep telling me no internet connection but from my laptop when at home i can connect internet viewing with no problems at all,when mobile i do have an internet connection because i can surf the web email and view youtube so any ideas what can be adrift. ROY

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          I told sling about this months ago and they admitted it is an error, which they are trying to fix - but as I said that was months ago


          If, however, you go onto support, then the details of your slingbox there will indicate that internet viewing is complete.  If it says no here, then you are not set up!