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    Slingplayer for Boxee Box


      So something has changed on the Slingbox app and I want to know if this is an intentional change or not?


      I got my Boxee Box over a year ago and the Slingbox app has always supported the 30 sec skip function (on a Tivo Premiere XL) until about three weeks ago the app now has these buttons grayed out?!?!


      I understand that 30 sec skip is not supported on older Tivo's but it is supported on the Tivo Premiere XL and I used to use this feature a lot.


      What happened?!?!?!

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          This question has gone unanswered for a long time. The problem has not been resolved. Does anyone care? Is this thing on?


          As a side note, I now also own a WD TV Live and the same problem exists in Slingplayer for connected devices on that product.


          Come on guys, update Slingplayer for connected devices to support the current TIVO products. Pretty please!