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    Xfinity physical remote will not change channels


      I just installed my new Slingbox Solo. Everything seems to be working, except that now my physical Xfinity remote control can only be used to change the volume or turn the TV on or off.  I can't use the physical remote to change channels.  I have to use the Slingbox on-screen remote or the Comcast Xfinity website to control the (Motorola) Xfinity box.  This is annoying.  I can't watch TV now unless the computer is on to change the channels.  Is there any way to fix this?  Please do not post another link to on-screen remote problems.  The on-screen remote is NOT the problem.  Thanks for any help.

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          Well, guess what?  Apparently there is nothing wrong with any of my equipment.  The little IR device that transfers the Slingbox signal to the Xfinity box was actually blocking the signal from my Xfinity remote.


          I started thinking that maybe people who couldn't seem to change channels with the onscreen remote didn't have the IR thingies in the right place.  Then I suddenly realized that maybe my IR thingies were blocking my physical remote.  And, yes, that is what was happening.


          Sorry for wasting your time, but maybe this will help someone else.  Thanks.