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    Basic cable encryption 350 - 500 models


      Is the fact the FCC is going to allow basic cable encryption ( http://www.engadget.com/2012/10/14/fcc-to-allow-encryption-of-basic-cable-with-a-few-strings-that/ ) going to affect the slingbox if its hooked up through the component cables on the new models, or only if through the hdmi port on the 500?

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          No, I think you are confusing encryption with HDCP.    The ONLY effect of encrypting basic cable is that the tuner (co-ax input) on a Pro-HD will not work any more.  The 350/500 doesn't have a tuner so will not be affected.  If you want to watch basic cable through a Slingbox you still need some sort of external device, a DTA or a DVR as you have always needed on a Solo.