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    Slingbox  PRO HD - Logo solid lid.




      Today my slingbox pro hd was not reachable. check the box found that the slingbox logo is solid lid, power led is on, network led is dim lid. I power cycled the box. It would on power on with the same status as I stated. Logo  Solid Lid, power led on and network led dim. I tried to reset it holding on to the rest button for 10sec and let go. No impact. tried holding the reset and power cycle the slingbox pro. also no change in post boot status.. and the sligbox is not reachable..


      Any expert here can tell me what is wrong with the slingbox pro hd? is it dead?

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          Got it fixed. its a poweradapter failure..



          followed this blog. and I changed my power adapter.




          Fixing A “Broken” Slingbox PRO-HD


          I recently had my Slingbox PRO-HD stop working on me, and it took me a while to diagnose the issue because of a few ‘variable’ indicators. I don’t guarantee that this article will fix your issue, but I thought my findings might help you in getting your PRO-HD working again.

          What I Saw: When I powered on the Slingbox the ‘Sling’ (a.k.a. logo) light fully lit up (not ‘dancing’ back and forth). The power light was lit, and the network light was dark.

          What I’ve Read: Of all the bad-power-supply stories I’ve read on the Slingbox Support Forum, all of them said that the logo light is fully lit, and not ‘dancing’. I’ve read just about every other combination of power and network lights on/off/flickering.

          The Cause: In all of the cases I found, including mine, it came down to the power supply.

          The Ugly: You can call Sling for support, but, assuming your box is more than 90 days old, they are going to charge you $30 just to call. You can buy a replacement directly from Sling for $20 (plus shipping I’m assuming), but rather than replace a bad part with a similar model I chose a third party power supply.

          The Replacement: I chose the Mean Well GS25U05-P1J, and purchased from Jameco. Through a few hours of streaming it seems to be working great! The only downside I’ve found to this replacement model is that the cord is shorter than the original power supply.

          The Details: In the end, you’ll want a AC->DC adapter with the following features:

          • Output: 5V DC; at least 4A (Slingbox PRO-HD uses 13-16W = 2.6-3.2A at 5VDC)
          • Plug polarity: Center positive
          • Input: What makes sense for your locale; 100-240V AC; 50-60Hz  is your safest bet because it should work just about anywhere
          • Plug size: I.D. 2.1mm; O.D. 5.5mm
            • This was the hardest info to find online and only determined it by finding a product someone was marketing for this specific purpose, and then reading the tech sheet for it.
            • NOTE: This size of this plug does seem to be slightly different than the original power supply, but it is working for me.
          Hopefully this helps you get your Slingbox PRO-HD up and running again!