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    Remote is not functional after plugin update..




      Just installed the new plugin, and i've lost all remote control functionality, the icon is greyed out.  This is affecting both web plugin and the Ipad app, both are using the latest versions of the software.  An interesting aside is that when i used the updated plugin on firefox running on windows 8 the remote pops up fine.  my slingbox info is below..


      Slingbox Info

      Slingbox ID: 5F02DD878F566849B64************

      Slingbox Software Version: 2.1.370

      Internet Viewing

      Set Up Complete: Yes

      Slingbox Public IP Address: 216.***.***.***

      Slingbox Private IP Address:

      Slingbox Port: 5001

      Slingbox Access Info

      Activation Date: 04-13-2010


      Service is through Direct TV, and i've verified that the IR blasters are aligned properly...  i also dont have the ability to use my preset favs..