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    slinglink & remote power switches




      Myhome network is plagued by brief power outages that usually require my slingbox and slinglinks to be unplugged and then plugged back in. This is a real pain when I am away for weeks at a time. I am forced to either wait until I get home to watch my shows, which defeats the reason I got this thing, or call someone an desk them to go into my house, find the fit plugs to pull, pull them, them replug them in, oh and please make sure you plug them in in the right order. Neither situation is ideal.


      I have been looking into remote switches that can be controlled over the Internet and wifi networks as a possible solution. The systems I am finding would be able to turn the power off to the slingbox and the slinglinks and then cycle them on in the proper order. To do this however the slingplayer and slinglinks would have to be pluged into separate switches that are then plugged into the wall or a powerstrip. My question is this, the Slinglink instructions say they must be plugged directly into the wall and not into a power strip. I can find power switches that control one single unit and plug directly into the wall but I am not sure if the slinglink will work through them. Before I invest in a rather expensive solution I wanted to check and see if you know if slinglinks are compatable with most power switches or know of ones they do work with.


      If there are none, then I'd like to suggest future versions of slinglinks and slingplayers come with a remote power switch option. Being able to remotely cycle the power on and off for these units would relieve a great deal of frustration.