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    Questions/Issues with 2.0.5


      Hi I'm new to slingbox and this forum. I don't see any of my issues addressed on the forum thread titles since the 2.0.5 release so I'm posting this


      My set-up


      phone: GSM Galaxy Nexus on 4.1.1 stock rom

      app version: 2.0.5

      box: Pro-HD

      TV Service: DirecTV SD feed

      Download speed: 15-25mbps (wifi), 1-5mbps (3G)


      1. Guide button does not work. When i go to home screen, clicking on it gives me error "Unable to get Program Guide data. Please make sure that your device has an internet connection" when I am clearly connected.


      2. App does not have subtitle/closed caption feature...???


      3. Left audio channel seems a lot weaker than right...an intermittment problem (happens on/off every 4-5 seconds).Tried both Standard qualidy and high quality...no difference. Also, Audio quality sounds very compressed even for SD feed (very very echo-y)


      4. Is there a way to enable notification bar to appear when I tap once? It's an inconvience when I need to exit app each time to check the time or see battery life remaining.


      5. I understand android app for phone works on tablet...or perhaps it was vice versa. What about iphones/ipad. If one buys it for iphone, can it be used on ipad or vice versa? What about itouch?


      At this point, this app is almost unuseable for me and I regret paying even 50% off for it.


      Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. TIA

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          If I don't get any replies soon I'll be contacting Support for a full refund. I'm sure there's someone streaming their DirecTV can input whether or not their guide is working.

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            Thank you Sling for your non-existent customer support.


            I have decided to sell my Pro-HD and will be requesting a refund for the app.

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                shaysfn Novice

                Hey twitchyzero,


                Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  First I would like to apologize for not responding to your post earlier, also for the trouble that you are having with

                viewing your Slingbox PRO-HD on your Android phone.


                Let me address your questions one by one.


                1.  Regarding the guide button being grayed out, the one thing that I would recommend trying is going back thru the Setup for your Slingbox at Setup.slingbox.com and reconfiguring the remote again.


                2.  At this time, no the app does not allow you to use Closed captioning, that would be a TV feature.


                3.  Regarding the audio issue.  I would recommend trying another set of the audio cables, and does this happen on everything you try to connect with, or just with your computer?


                4.  When you are using the Slingplayer app on the phone, there is no way to do anything else on that phone.  If you get a call or a text, it will disconnect you.


                5.  The Android app for the phone will work on an Android tablet, (Smaller fits into bigger is the best way to remember this)also, the android app will only work on android devices, not the IPad or IPhone, those apps you would have to purchase thru ITunes.


                I have a link to an article that will explain the Slingplayer app for any mobile device.



                If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 877-GoSling(877-467-5464) here in the US.  You can also reach us at chat.slingbox.com.


                Hope this helps.




                Sling Moderation Team