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      Does the NEW SB350 work with the (old) "slingcatcher" or is there  a new box to use on "viewing" end if you want to view on a TV set?

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          jesse.sling Novice

          Hey Cheshirecat7,


            This is a great question! Unfortunately, the 350 and the 500 are not compatible with the SlingCatcher. However, there are a few devices out there that can do pretty much the same thing. The Boxee Box, Apple TV, and the WD TV should all work with the new products. These are connected devices that have the SlingPlayer application installed on them. That way you can still view your Slingbox on a different TV. I hope this helps!



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              OvCollyer Apprentice

              There is no Slingplayer for the Apple TV.


              This is incorrect and misleading information.


              The best you can do for Apple TV is use "Airplay" which allows another iOS device to stream the video from the iOS Slingplayer app to the TV, but this doesn't work to a good enough standard in my experience (wrong aspect ratio on one Apple TV, simply doesn't work on another).


              And don't start me on the issues with the WDTV and other connected devices.


              To the OP - make sure you research carefully and read as many user experiences as possible before buying a "Connected device" for its Slingplaying capabilities.