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    Remote control not working with Slingbox




      I have recently bought and installed a Slingbox PRO-HD. Everything works fine, except the remote is not working when watching TV on the internet (except the volume button and the mute button). The Slingbox is connected with a Motorola VIP1960-9DB, and I have found an except match when I configured the Slingbox. The problem is, the online remote doesn't look the same as the handheld remote, and as I said it is not responding.


      I have tried troubleshooting, but nothing seems to solve the issue. I have made sure the IR-cable is properly connected, I have tried installing the SlingPlayer again, and I have tested whether the IR-cable is actually signalling out anything (the digital camera test).


      My suspicion is that the problem is that the online remote control is simply not the right one, but how then can I find the one I need?


      Here is a picture of the handheld remote, if it helps:





      Thank you in advance,

      Christopher Soerensen