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    sling player not in purchaces in itunes


      My wife just upgraded from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5. She had the slingplayer for iPhone on her previous phone which she purchased from the iTunes store. She synched her new phone with the same account, however the slingplayer does not appear in the list of purchased apps. How can she get the app without paying for it again? It has been installed on less than 5 devices.

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          You can't even download it. It seems all references to Sling Player for the Iphone have been removed. I would like a refund. or get back the original copy of the program. which ever is easier for Sligmedia!

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              adamvanpelt Newbie

              I suspect either Apple pulled it because the product was not behaving as advertised (no HQ option for the majority of users) or Sling Media requested that it be pulled until they fix the issue.  It wouldn't surprise me if Sling requested that it be pulled because it's received many negative reviews and one star votes in the past 24 hours.


              Now, Sling hopefully is beginning to understand that they can't do a lazy job on app development and expect their customers to just be patient and deal with their lack of commitment to their products.  We've paid a lot of money for Slingbox hardware and SlingPlayer apps and it's not unreasonable for us to expect timely app updates when Apple releases a new version of iOS and an app that doesn't lose functionality because of an OS upgrade.