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    No lights at all on PRO-HD


      Hi -


      I am staying away from my residence after surgery and recently tried to connect to my Slingbox PRO-HD to watch some of my recorded content.  Much to my chagrin, after months of no issues at all (via laptop, iPhone, or iPad, including accessing while in other countries), I was unable to connect (at a variety of times).


      I had someone go to my house to check on things, and asked them to check and see whether any status lights were on on the front of the box - they called me and said there were NO lights at all - no power or network or anything.  But my DVR and TV, both plugged into the same surge protector, were working fine, as was my network (they were connected to the network on their iPad).


      I had them unplug the Slingbox and bring it back to me - the house I'm currently at also has a (working) PRO-HD, so I borrowed the power supply from that box...and still no lights - not even a power light.


      Any idea what the issue might be?  It doesn't appear to be a bad power cord issue, as I've tried two different cords.  The network at my place was functional, as were other devices plugged into the same surge protector.


      Thanks in advance...

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          I had the same problem it worked great for 4 months then all of a sudden nothing had to go through the drill with customer suport they sent me a new power supply which did not slove the problem had to send the unit back with a hold on my credit card for $300 until they got my old unit they replaced my unit and everything is working fine for 2months we,ll see what happens be patient feel better.

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              I am having the exact same problem with my Pro-HD. I tried calling the support number but, the number does not work. I have been trying to connect to a support agent online and still no luck. Is anyone else experiencing problems trying to reach the support team over the phone?