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    3.0 update for iPhone "Sling what is the deal"

    XxBxX Newbie

      Let me start by saying I have purchased a pro-hd a slingcatcher and the app for iphone. I am very upset that you cant seem to get the app for the iphone right. My girlfriend has a HTC EVO 3D and her app is amazing. Full screen and presents very well. But this iphone app you keep putting out just doesnt please me. I just bought a iphone 5 and seen the 3.0 upodate and was excited. Come to find out all that was changed was the login screen and the menus. Why cant you get the app to present in fullscreen?? I have had this app since it first came out and if I could tell you that there has been major improvments for the first one to this new 3.0 I would but I cant. I am very dissapointed. There needs to be a update and very soon. I have this big brilliant screen and I cant use it. Please let us know as consumers when we will get a "GREAT" app for the iphone?? Or I will be moving on to another form of watching my tv away from home and will be sharing my move to my 10-15 friends that I have made your customers.