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    Remove the Capability to Add Devices in Device Directory


      As a user of the Slingplayer app for the iPhone, I discovered that the capability to add devices to the local device directory exists within the application.


      Unfortunately, this feature is half baked. There is no validation performed when a device is added to the local device directory. Even worse, any invalid entries in the local device directory is ignored by the great device database in the cloud (accounts.sling.com).


      So, if you add a device from the iPhone and it's wrong, you can't edit or delete the entry. Even if you delete and reinstall the app.


      If Sling doesn't plan on completing this feature, they should remove it completely, and direct users to add their devices on accounts.sling.com, where it will propagate down to the device the next time the app is started. That is better than having a page full of useless device entries cluttering up the app from here to eternity.


      If anyone knows of a way to delete these useless device entries, please post or PM me. Thanks.