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    Io6 Issues-Still no HQ


      Yeterday, According to the lastest from Slingbox techs a new firmware update for the slingbox has been sent. See Below. This is only for the pro-hd. Supposed to update automatically when connected to the net. This is to fix the issues with the mac mobile app for ipad , touch and phone, Lack of HQ. (Blanked Out)

      My currenty firmware version is 2.1.370 which I assume is the latest and greatest, except the issue of no hq still exists.

      I have done everything I know to do to get this to work. Reloaded apps and did a hard reset (Holding reset for 20 seconds) and reconfiguerd the Slingbox Pro hd. Nothing seems to cure the lack of HQ.

      Anybody else having the same issue? Thoughts from Slingbox Techs? Is 2.1.370 truely the updated version?



      We have been receiving a lot of feedback from Slingbox users since the release of iOS 6. When the update to the new iOS rolled out we discovered a severe bug that caused SlingPlayer users on the iPhone and iPad to experience buffering or black screens when streaming from a Slingbox PRO-HD or SOLO. We have come up with a temporary fix as well as a permanent one.


      This bug does not occur when streaming in SQ mode. We determined that the remedy for this situation is to update the firmware on the SOLO and PRO-HD.  While we are testing out this fix we thought it was best to temporarily disable HQ and AUTO streaming to ensure that everyone could stream successfully. The good news is that testing is now complete for PRO-HD and your PRO-HD firmware should update automatically. The testing for the SOLO firmware continues. If all goes well with the SOLO testing, those Slingbox models should update themselves before the end of the month.


      We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Rest assured we are hard at work restoring and improving the picture quality that you expect from a Slingbox.



      The Sling Media Team


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          I'm also at this same point gbhack...


          My assumption is the firmware push is the one Sling support refers to but the HQ/Auto setting has not been enabled yet by Sling.


          I'm sitting patiently....

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            There is a new update the the Apple app store.  The HQ picture quality setting is now available via wifi when using a Slingbox350 or 500, but NOT THE SOLO.  The HQ bug will be fixed on the Solo, "...by the end of October."


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              New app is now available in the update section as of 12:00 pm est.  Hq and Auto is now working

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                I hope Slingbox is not scaling back the HD on there older units to pave the way for the newer 350,500 models

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                  Problem loading the saved remote on the first 4 times I connected, prevented me from accessing my DVR.  I use the comcast remote. Problem seemed to resolve itself. 


                  The place shifting note didn't register with me until after I updated the app and now I wish I had not.   Recommend not updating until they fix that as it also means you cannot view in HD.  It seams that several features are disabled now.


                  I would really like to see the program run in the background like I-Heart radio so one could check email or surf during commercials.

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                    I'm using a slingbox PRO, connected with S-video, and I cannot view in HQ mode.  It is permanently is SQ mode and the video quality is terrible.  I'm connected on an 802.11n network (plenty of bandwidth).  Something has changed in the last month with IO6 or with slingmobile.  I have downloaded the latest firmware to my slingbox, updated the application, reset my iphone4S and still no luck.


                    If there is a slingbox moderator, can we get an update on this bug????  I'm planning on returning this application through the itunes store as I'm disappointed with the app, and its quality.