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    Bought New Slingbox Pro -HD, ended up with refurbished unit that has problems


      I'm a long time user of Slingbox and had a Slingbox A/V until I was told that I had to upgrade for it to work on my iPad.  I bought a brand new Slingbox Pro-HD in May or so.  In August it would no longer hold power.  It appears, by looking at the site a bit, that this is a known problem.  However, they chose to send me a refurbished unit instead of a new power cord.  Never mind that I was told (incorrectly) that it would be a NEW unit, but the fact that common sense didn't prevail and they sent me a unit and no power is ludicrous.  Once I got the "new" unit I've had nothing but problems.  First thing, it's not even cleaned up to be made to appear new.  Someone's family name is attached to the profile.  So after several issues where they had to reset and reconnect and than re-set up port forwarding (despite it already being set up), we now have the decision that the power cord is bad since it won't hold a network connection.  Go figure.  Prior to this I've written to Sling Consumer Affairs with no response.  In the early days they valued their customers so much more.  Imagine you bought a new dishwasher and two months later they sent you a used one when it didn't work.  It is very evident that they should have originally replaced the power cord and left me with my real "new" Slingbox.  Instead, not I am without my Slingbox again (I travel often) until they send me the new power cord.  Who knows if that will even work.  Maybe it's just a crappy, refurbished unit.  I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated because Sling doesn't seem to care.  I'm interested to here if others are having the same type issues.


      Wow, after reading the forum more closely after posting this I found that this is not only a known problem, but that they are constantly sending refurbished units and taking our good units only to then add a replacement power later.  Unreal.  Very bad business.