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    Slingbox Pro-HD and the iPhone HD Issue...


      Thanks for the announcement Sling support. A firmware push came through to my Slingbox Pro-HD today. I was hoping this would correct the HD and Auto functionality on my iPhone with IOS 6. It did not, the options are still unavailable. I also reloaded the Sling app on my phone and that did not help either. Maybe there is still another update as you all finish work with the SOLO boxes?





      We have been receiving a lot of feedback from Slingbox users since the release of iOS 6. When the update to the new iOS rolled out we discovered a severe bug that caused SlingPlayer users on the iPhone and iPad to experience buffering or black screens when streaming from a Slingbox PRO-HD or SOLO. We have come up with a temporary fix as well as a permanent one.


      This bug does not occur when streaming in SQ mode. We determined that the remedy for this situation is to update the firmware on the SOLO and PRO-HD.  While we are testing out this fix we thought it was best to temporarily disable HQ and AUTO streaming to ensure that everyone could stream successfully. The good news is that testing is now complete for PRO-HD and your PRO-HD firmware should update automatically. The testing for the SOLO firmware continues. If all goes well with the SOLO testing, those Slingbox models should update themselves before the end of the month.


      We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Rest assured we are hard at work restoring and improving the picture quality that you expect from a Slingbox.



      The Sling Media Team