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    Firmware update killed my slingbox pro

    Maistro69 Newbie

      Slingbox pro worked great until I did a firmware update and now it wont communicate. At first it connected at 184kps with no audio or video and then after I did a hard reset it wont connect at all. Gives the following error. PLEASE help

      • Error: 0x92350003
      • Context: 20
      • Operation:4
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          robbr Newbie

          Have you called Sling for help?  I know they will try to charge you but there was an issue with Firmware and Slingbox Pro (not HD version). After a firmware update the boxes became unstable and would not be able to connect.  My first step if I were you would be to call Sling for help.

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            Hello Maistro69 and Robbr  ,
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            Take a look on the following links. You'll find the most common reasons for  this behavior.


            Wait until you're home  before updating Slingbox Software


            Are you having   problems after updating the Slingbox Software?

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              Maistro69, I suspect I have this same problem, were you able to resolve it? See this post. My Slingbox Pro did the firmware upgrade and now won't connect to network. Nothing else has changed.  In fact, before I narrowed it down to the firmware upgrade, I had a friend bring over his slingbox pro that he had not used in a year and it immediately asked for a firmware update - which I did (bad!). It connected fine before the firmware update, afterwards it will not connect to the network, even after a hard reset. So now I have 2 slingbox pros and neither will connect.


              Anybody know the fix? Is Sling Media fixing these boxes?



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                Bryanod Novice

                Sometimes the sling pro will work fine for years then fail to get on the network.  If you tried all else and refuse to give up try the following:

                With my Sling pro, it worked great for a year or so then ...... No network light.

                On accident I found it came back to life using a 10mb connection. To test your sling do the following

                1. Reset the sling

                Hold the reset button until you see the sling light located in the middle of the box flash.   Pay attention to the network light after the reset.  If it blinks 5 times then goes dark its trying a DHCP request.  If it blinks 1 time then goes out its not connected to a network to make that request (the network cable is not plugged in or is pluged in but its a patch cable rather than a crossover cable)  If it worked on the cable before it will not be a patch cable vs crossover cable issue

                Once you reset the sling and your router does not grant it a network light proceed to step 2

                If it grants a network light but is not "seen" by the slingplayer it has a connection to the router but its not accepting traffic.  In a dos window type arp -g look for the MAC address of the sling in the result. This arp -g result will show the ip address connected to that MAC address. Ping it, If its ping able its passing traffic and the sling player would see it. If not it might be the 10Mb work around

                2.   connect your slingbox to your pc and assign the PC NiC the ip of the router

                Your router is or or or as a rule so connect the sling to you pc and via control panel goto network and select your network card and set the NIC to the same ip as your router via the properties of Internet protocal vesrsion 4

                Once you click  Internet protocal vesrsion 4 then select properties you will see


                Change it to your routers IP is my example


                Then set the network card to 10mb from the "configure button"



                After that open your network connection and view its status

                If you have traffic on both sent and recieve the sling will work at 10mb

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                    Maistro69 Newbie

                    This is worth a try. At first my slingbox just got stuck at 184 kps after the firmware upgrade but after many frustrating attempts to fix it I did a reset and that killed it for good. Now even though it sees it on the network and in the slingbox director it's gives a communication error. I'll try your advice here but even if I do connect I'm not sure what to do with it to get it back to the way it's supposed to work. How can a company release an update that destroys my equipment and then tell me I have to purchase a new one to fix a problem they created in the first place? It's very unfourtunate that slingbox ignores this issue and pretends it doesn't exist. For the life of me I can't understand why they would other than to sell new units which they were quick to offer me with a whopping 20% discount. Companies today just completely abuse the customers who made them what they are today. If I stated who I was consulting with and what I was seriously considering taking action on my post would be deleted. Someone has to stand up and do something. Slinbbox you should be ashamed of the way your treating the very customers who've been so loyal for all these years and have allowed you to even exist. It's a great product but someone made a mistake on your end with the firmware update. Nobody wants anything for free we just want our slingbox pro to work the way it did 5 minutes before we did the firmware update and for you to stop adding insult to injury by saying there's no such problem. What happened to you guys?

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                        Maistro69, I'm with you on the frustration that Sling Media should take responsibility for their actions. I was an early adopter of the Pro model and have enjoyed showing it off to friends and co-workers over the years, being a true evangelist for Sling Media.


                        If you do decide to stay loyal, there is an existing customer program that gives $59.99 off the purchase of a Solo or Pro HD with free shipping. You have to enter the serial number of your existing product to show the discount upon checkout. Even though I know this is not a likely option for you, it does tell me that Sling Media is working to retire their older products.


                        Maybe there is no fix to the bad firmware update they released.

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                        Thanks for the tips, I gave them a try. In step 2,  after setting the NIC to the router's address (in my case and changing the speed to 10mbps is the network light supposed to stay on when connected directly to the computer? The connection status shows sending but not receiving for what that's worth, so likely the slingbox is not even communicating.


                        Thank you again for your suggestions.

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                            I have tried every combination of routher/hub/computer I can come up with. 7 different computers, 3 routers, 1 hub. I did a complete reset (holding down the reset button etc...) as well. My problem remains the same. Video works great with component, composite and S video, but no sound. Nothing works with coax.


                            Tech support wanted to sell a new slingbox to me. They even offered a 20% discount haha. Of course that was more than you can buy it new from multiple sources via amazon.com.

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                              Bryanod Novice

                              Yes.  The network light will need to be solid. When the pro cannot get a ip via dhcp ( because you reset it) it will give itself 


                              My sling pro will only connect at 10mb.  I used to use a wireless b bridge that only connects at 10mb but I didn't want a b connection on my n network.  So I placed a old pc next to the sling and installed a 2nd NIC.  set the nic connecting to the sling to 10mb full and the other to auto.  Then I used windows bridging on the 2 nics.  Then the sling could setup via upnp. 


                              Sometimes if your power supply is going out it wont reset.  Holding the reset and unpluging the power in and out while keeping the reset button held always got a reset for me