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    No options for proxy connections any longer


      The new Slingbox.com site is now very limited, and I now have lost one of my device selections from my available device selections list that appeared on the old site.


      I used to have two device options configured (to the same Slingbox device) with the old Slingbox.com to watch TV from a Web browser -- one of the connections was for when I was anywhere in the house (DHCP) and the other was configured for a proxy connection for when I am away from home (Sling over SSH). The latter appears to have been removed from my list of choices, and the new site offers no options to manually configure a proxy connection to a Slingbox any longer. When adding a Slingbox device, I only get the options of inputting a device ID, a username and password. That's it.


      Can we please get the manual proxy configuration options restored to the new Slingbox.com Watch your TV anywhere site? Thank you.