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    Revert to previous version?


      I recently upgraded to SlingPlayer 2.0.5 on my Droid Razr Maxx.


      The new version has added a step to getting to the remote controls. If I want to skip through commercials on my TiVo, I have to click the screen, click the menu in the upper right (new step) and then press the fast forward button. The remote controls then times out (the timeout seems faster) and I have to do the three clicks again to stop the fast forward. This is a step down from the previous version.


      There are many comments about the better video quality of the new version. This may be the case, but with the screen size of my phone, I prefer usability over video quality.


      Is there a way for the remote controls to come up when the screen is tapped? If not, how do I revert to the previous version?


      Tom Foran

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          It seems a number of people are complaining about the menu/remote  issue in the latest update so I'll just place this comment on all of the  existing ones, hoping that someone from SlingBox will see it in one of  them, instead of posting another one of my own.


          I have the same issue. I dislike having to hit the  remote button in the corner every time I want to use the remote. I also  dislike how fast the remote controls time out. Here are some ways you  could improve this. 1) Make the menu bar just another choice along the  top (along with play, arrows, numbers, misc). Those controls already  remember which you had last selected even when you hide the controls. 2)  Make the remote button in the top right corner a toggle between remote  and menu and remember the last state. 3) Timeout duration should be a  settings menu option.


          Please hurry, I use SlingPlayer almost every day and it is really frustrating to control right now.

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            I do not need HD on my android phone with a 4 inch screen. Every time I start up the player it starts in HD mode. This slows down the responses. Is there a way to default to SD? This would fix one issue.


            The other is pressing the menu icons to get to the icons I use the most. The icons that show at first are used much less than the menu icons. This functionality should be reversed.

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                shaysfn Novice

                Hey TomForan,


                Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I understand that you have some questions about the Slingplayer for Android phones and how to control it.


                I do have a couple of articles that should help answers these questions for you.



                Hope this helps.




                Sling Moderation Team

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                    I am having the same problem, I am dissapointed like a update I did on my Android phone that did not make my phone better, it just screwed up the features I was happay with. We didn't even have the option of not doing the update if we wanted to keep the old version. I hope they are seeing all the people on here posting how unhappy we are with the update and fix these problems, so come on make a post about this crappy update.

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                      MTFrobin Newbie

                      Hi shaysfn,


                      Most of us that are on the forum know how to setup and use the hardware and software.

                      We do appreciate you trying to help. But you are not listening.


                      The update does not work for Andriod Phones.

                      The Program Guide provider does not list our channels correctly and are missing lots of channels.

                      I have even tried again with configuring different cable boxes and providers.


                      That provider you use for the guide is not up to par!!!!!

                      Making the guide that pops up first usless!!!!


                      We need to use the guide that's on the cable box.


                      Please tell your staff we need the older version avable to us on Play Store!!!! Thank you


                      P.S. I have TWC SignatureHome service. I have 50mbps down and 5mbps up.

                             I also have the Driod Maxx on Verizon 4G, I get 4,600 kbps on my unlimited data plan.

                             And still this is not working with the lag you have in the update. Never happen with the old one!!!!!!!!!

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                        The Sling Knowledge Base articles are USELESS for this issue- the 2.0.5 Slingplayer for Android Phones is the problem here, not the user.


                        In the absence of a fix for several issues that have been reported in these forums, Sling could at least remove or revert the 2.0.3 build from the Android Market, or tell people (who aren't as fortunate as I am to have been able to restore the 1.3 version from a backup) how to go back to it, perhaps by relisting the 1.3 as "Slingplayer Classic for Phones" on the Play Market.


                        2.0.5 is an obvious and frustrating REGRESSION from 1.3 that is readily apparent on first use.

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                      I also need HELP REVERTING back to the OLD sling player version... PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS ISSUE... thank you

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                        I can't believe anyone from sling ever tested this. if they had, they would have quickly figured out that the layout sucks. Because this sucks so bad could you please give us the option of installing the previous version?

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                          MTFrobin Newbie

                          I have been a big fan of Sling Media for many years.


                          They have done this in the past with Windows Mobile Phones.

                          I have questioned how they actually test the mobile app, And from being on a forum that is now closed.

                          I found out most off the people at Sling Media use iPhones.

                          When they did the update, they completely ruined the Windows Mobile App as well.

                          Thinking that we want to use are phones just like an iPhone. Well it was bad, VERY BAD (being nice again) :-)


                          At least you had the options to use either one of the mobile apps last time.

                          Now that our Androids are tied into the Google App Store, this may or may not be a problem for Sling Media.


                          I think they should have left it as an update that can be uninstalled instead of removing old and installing new.


                          Now as a second thought, it's kinda funny how they did this update a week before releasing the NEW BOXES !!!!!!!!

                          There are going to be lots of people buying a new Slingbox because they may think it would help.

                          Good for Sling Media but very bad for us consumers.


                          Just saying!!!