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    Standby Warning message while using TV Anywhere


      I am watching my HDS-600RS remotely and although I have changed the Standby Power Option mode to "Off" to prevent the box going into Standby mode after 4 hours, I have suddenly got a message stuck on the screen saying that I am attempting to enter Standby Mode while using TV Anywhere and that clicking on (unreadable) will terminate TV Anywhere.  There is a Cancel option but the message is fuzzy and so I cannot see what button(s) on the on-screen remote control I need to click on to clear this message.


      I worked out that if I click on the red On/Standby button TV Anywhere does terminate and I get disconnected but when I reconnect the message is still on the screen.  I have tried clicking on all the other on-screen remote control buttons to no avail.


      Does anyone know why this message has appeared and what button I need to click on to clear it?