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    Missing slingboxes under new newwatch.slingbox.com directory


      We have two different slingbox accounts, one has 17 boxes, the other 60 associated. Using either one, we are not able to see more than 5 Slingboxes on the newwatch.slingbox.com directory.  All boxes were listed and accessible via watch.slingbox.com.  This is windows XP and windows 7, Firefox or IE.  Boxes are multiple models (classics, pros, HD, etc), running the latest firmware available per the individual model.  Most of these are accessed remotely, although a few are available via the local network or VPNs for configuration purposes.  We can access our boxes using the old Windows client, but this is not ideal.  The boxes are all listed and editable under the accounts.sling.com member directory, but we are not able to access them from there.

      I have seen a few other posts in the forums regarding this issue with users with a high number of available Slingboxes.

      Please advise if there is a work around or a fix for this coming soon, or if there is a way to continue to use the old online version for now.

      Thank you.