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    "SlingPlayer Plug-in Installer.pkg" doesn't open


      I cannot get the updater called "SlingPlayer Plugin-in Installer.pkg" to open.


      I have been using my slingbox fine for years. But tonight when I tried loading my slingplayer in my browser, via my bookmark: http://watch.slingbox.com/watch/sling_player, it redirected me to: http://newwatch.slingbox.com/


      This new webpage said, "Install SlingPlayer for Mac OSX and immediately started downloading "SlingPlayer_Plugin_3.3.18.355.dmg" When the file was finished downloading, I opened up this .dmg file. Inside is a file called "SlingPlayer Plug-in Installer.pkg" My mac cannot open this file. I have successfully opened other .pkg files in the past. But this file won't open. When I double-click on it, the TextEdit program opens with a bunch of garbage text.


      I am running Mac OS 10.7.4, Safari 6.0, Chrome 22.


      The "SlingPlayer Plug-in Installer.pkg" file that Slingbox is offering to mac users is correct. Slingbox needs to offer another file that works.