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    Aspect ratio correct (widescreen) on iPhone but incorrect (4:3) when on TV via Airplay


      I recently hooked up my M2 to a Comcast X1 companion box connected via component cables.  The video quality is pretty good on my iphone, HD-ish, and the aspect ratio is 16:9, on both the iPhone and the master TV. The problem comes when I use airplay to watch the slingbox stream on my tv, the aspect ratio is 4:3.  On this tv I also have a Comcast X1 box, in an addition to the apple tv.  Both work perfectly in regards to the aspect ratio (16:9), EXPECT when viewing the slingbox video feed via Airplay on the AppleTV, which comes in on 4:3.  To confirm, all other video on the AppleTV comes in 16:9 ratio.


      I appreciate any help.