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    New Plugin Crashes

    elieherman Newbie

      Haven't had any problems until this new plugin.


      On my Mountain Lion Mac loading the slingbox page crashes the entire computer in both Safari and Chrome.  Both result in a screen I have never before seen on a Mac (kind of the Mac version of the blue screen of death).


      On my Lion Mac, the plugin just gets hung up in the loading screen.


      However, on my desktop, I have the old Slingplayer app working, even though the picture isn't great (in spite of the connection being at about 2000kbps.


      Any suggestions?

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          I have no suggestions but I am running Macs and the new plug in SUCKS. Chrome don't work anymore, remotes load part of the time, crashes right and left.

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              Sorry to hear that.  Have the new plugin on a mac through Chrome and Firefox. both work perfectly .. In fact better than before. Maybe try clearing your cache and temp files? Or reload your browser?

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                  ok thanks! I will try all of those suggestions. Hopefully will work out for me!


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                    elieherman Newbie

                    I have cleared the cache, deleted history and all other stored info, and have disabled all extensions.  Still crashes my computer every time I try to load the page...


                    Combined with not being able to use AirPlay to get video from my iPad to the Apple Tv (since Sling has disabled the HQ option while they fix a bug), I'm not too pleased at the moment...


                    Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

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                        We have nothing but trouble since the new plug in. I have two slings and connect via Mac and PC. Both are not the same as before. We live in China and rely on our sling for the past 2 years. NO PROBLEM until now....... so too conincidental for us.


                        Why fix what was not broken

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                          I experience the same issue as user elieherman when I go to the new Watch page.  The slingbox new watch introduction will appear and as soon as I hit "Okay" to begin using the new watch environment my MacBook Pro (OS X 10.6.8) crashes and displays a screen that says "You need to restart your computer.  Hold down the Power button for several seconds or press the Restart button."   I have slingplayer on my android device and that is working fine with the new update. 


                          I have cleared my caches and it still crashes my entire computer without fail every time.  Slingbox needs to release a patch to fix this behavior.

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                      ACC506811 Newbie

                      New (replacement) Plugin is out now.  Finally.


                      Installed  & works with Firefox 16.0.1, Chrome 22.0.1229.94, & Safari  6.0.1 on OS X 10.8.2.  Did not have to reboot or remove old plugin.   Apparently writes over the existing.


                      That was painful.


                      Slingbox Pro-HD 2.1.370

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                        Hi, I have the same or similar dilemma: every since installing the required plugin on 3 Macintosh, I get a Error connecting message, but when I go into the next room I connect perfectly to my SOLO using a slingcatcher.  I tried to chat with support, but they wouldn't listen.   This last plugin update is BROKEN. 

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                          gmoney Newbie

                          For those of you that are experiencing crashes, please do the following:


                          1. Using the Users & Groups preference pane, add a new user account.
                          2. Login with that account.
                          3. Try connecting with the latest version of Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.


                          If the crashes persist, please note what is crashing: the web browser or the plugin?


                          If it is Chrome that is crashing, post the crashlog after:


                          - Open Terminal and enter “/Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome“
                          - Somewhat “[0117/151033:INFO:breakpad_mac.mm(102)] Breakpad disabled” similar message appears.
                          - Then use “Control+C” in Terminal to end the command.
                          - Open Preferences in Chrome.
                          - Choose “Under the Hood” section.
                          - Check the “Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google“.
                          - Quit browser and Now ready to capture crash dump.
                          - Get crash in Google chrome browser.
                          - Crash reports will stored at “ ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Crash Reports”.


                          If it's Firefox, enable crash logs:
                          - Quit the browser ("cmd+q").
                          - Goto "/Applications/".
                          - Right click on the "Firefox" and click on "Show Package Contents".
                          - Navigate to "Contents/MacOS/".
                          - Open "application.ini" with "TextEdit".
                          - Search for "[Crash Reporter]" section.
                          - Set "Enabled" to 0. (Enabled=0)
                          - Save the file and quit "TextEdit".


                          Then post the Console logs generated by the browser.
                          - You can be find them via "/Applications/Utilities/Console.app " - filter for Safari or Firefox.


                          Then post the Crash Report from Safari or Firefox.
                          - You can find the Crash Reports for Safari and Firefox in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports
                          - They are named in the form "APPNAME_YYYY-MM-DD-HHMMSS_MACNAME.crash"


                          If it is the plugin that is crashing, post the crashlogs...


                          For out of process plugins, Process names are as follows
                              Firefox : plugin-container
                              Safari : WebKitPluginHost
                          For in process plugin process name
                              Firefox : Firefox
                              Safari : Safari
                          And then post the plugin debug logs from ~/Library/Application Support/SlingMedia/Logs/


                          Save the files "DebugLog_1.txt" and "DebugLog_2.txt" (if it exists) immediately the after reproduction of a bug or a crash. The logs can get over-written, so get the file immediately after the crash.

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                            The new plugin is complete garabge! It won't stay connected for more than 2min on any browser/any machine. I get the "weak internet conneciton" error which is complete BS with 20mb download speed and streaming at 4000kbps when I'm connected.


                            Prior to this update, I had no problems watching from anywhere. Hoping for an update soon...

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                              still crashing, still no interest from Sling in fixing it. What a great business model.

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                                The solution is to upgrade your Mac OS to Mountain Lion 10.8 through the App Store.  For $19.99 USD (and it can be downloaded and installed on all your Macs), you get the latest Mac OS, the slingbox plug-in doesn't crash, works flawless and why wouldn't someone at Slingmedia just say so!  A simple and inexpensive solution.  I figure, Slingmedia wrote the plug in to keep up with Mountain Lion, but no where is this communicated.  So everyone who is on 10.7 or less is trying to figure it out.  Good luck.

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                                    I am running the latest Mac OS and still having issues.  It was installed the first day it was released.  I've actually tried this on Lion and Mountain Lion and they are both having the same issue.  There must be some other setting that is causing this but we can't get any clarification from Slingbox without paying $30 for a phone call.