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    Slingplayer 2.0.5 won't connect


      My LG Optimus Elite Running 2.3.7 won't connect over 3G or Wifi now that I've downloaded the 2.0.5 Slingplayer update.  Nothing I do allows me to connect.  (My slingbox still works fine over the computer, so that isn't the issue)


      I tried to connect using my old Droid X using the new Slingplayer update- that didn't work either and had the same error message- "Connection failed.  Please make sure your phone and Slingbox are connected to the Internet".


      Is anyone else having this problem?  Are there any solutions?  Is there any way I can go back to the old version without rooting my phone?  The old version worked perfectly fine just a few days ago....


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          I am also having the same issue you are having.  I was able to view my Slingbox tonight.  During the middle of a program, it just stopped working and provided me with the error message.  I tried to even log into my other box and it still gave the same message.  That lets me know that its the software and not the hardware at home. 

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              I went to help my dad with his Slingbox tonight and I got it working on his computer but it said it could not connect on his Samsung Galaxy II (Android). I went through all of the setup steps again and it even said, "You're All Set For Internet Viewing". So I tried to log into his Slingbox from my iphone 4s and I got the same message his phone gave me. Slingbox is having a rough month, I hope they can ger it together!

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                  MTFrobin Newbie

                  It sounds like you may have done this already but just checking.


                  Have you tried to reboot the router with the Slingbox power unpluged, then once the router is finished plug the Slingbox back in?

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                      I tried this to no avail.  My problem hasn't gotten better, sadly.  A $30 app now useless...

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                          MTFrobin Newbie

                          The one thing left to say is, did you make sure you can connect at home over your Wi-Fi on the phone.

                          Other than that

                          You would need to uninstall the app reboot the phone and reinstall the app and reboot one more time then reconfigure the app..over your home network first.


                          This is what Sling Tech would tell for $29.95........... LOL

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                              Thanks for the advice.


                              I tried your suggestions, unfortunately it didn't work.  Further, just to give some info, my phone won't connect via to my slingbox via wifi or 3g, so either way I'm hosed.


                              Also, wifi slingplayer on my computer and Kindle Fire still works, so, to my uneducated eyes, something appears to be wrong with this app build on a number of Android phones.


                              I really wish I could go back to the previous version!

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                                  MTFrobin Newbie

                                  That's all I have.


                                  This update is **** I hate it. I send Sling Media all the error messages with the data.


                                  And add "This Update Sucks" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                  I even send them feedback when my finger gets tired from tapping on the screen a thousand times just to change a channel. LOL


                                  Not that it's laughing matter at this point. I'm pretty **** off as well.

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                        Just updated to 2.0.5 because I was getting an error that the Sling Media certificate could not be validated for my phone, Droid X..   As soon as I updated I started getting connection issues.  Today, I just got the rotating circle, that said starting.  Powered on/off and no luck.  When I got home, tried agin, the red connect light on the box would light, but just the Sling Circle of Death.


                        Loged on with my laptop, and no issues.


                        Tried the phone again, after setting a defaut channel, and setting the video to SD, and then it connected. 


                        Just retried to connect, and now the SCOD, and it stopped at Optimizing at 32%.  Timed out with an alert "connection failed.  Please make sure your phone and slingbox are connected to the internet."


                        The red connection light was on again, but I will follow their directions, maybe I hooked it up to the water by mistake.


                        Just tried it agin and it connected


                        This update works about 15% of the time. 


                        SlingMedia - please fix this software and release another update.