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    Another unsuccessful viewing attempt


      I continue to have the same problem. I can watch my slingbox for 30 minutes. Then it disconnects and won't reconnect. Oddly enough, the only time I try to watch my slingbox is Sunday football and it cuts out at exactly 30 minutes each time...


      This week, I got a friend to swing by and check out the Slingbox. The internet connection at that location is running great. I specifically had him stream a tv show to assure this. Simultaneously, I streamed a tv show 5,000 miles away. What I find odd is that Slingbox can't connect despite both internet connections running quickly.


      When I visit slingbox forum, products page, etc, I notice that Slingbox.com runs very slowly. This makes me think the problem is not what Slingbox repeatedly tells us (internet connection), but a problem on their end. Does anyone have any advice?