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    External Slingbox address




      First, I love Slingbox. Only bad thing that has happened since I owned one is the power supply went bad. It was frustrating until we worked out what happened and, then, once that was taken care of, everything's been great.

      So here's the thing. I'm in the USA and the slingbox is in the UK. I know that the slingbox has a little beacon to take care of pesky DNS issues. I've just lost contact with my webcam, my router....everything EXCEPT the slingbox, which is great.

      I suspect this is because my ISP (bethere, who are also great) reset my ip address.

      Since the slingbox secretly knows what my new ip is, where do I find my new ip address?

      The external ip on the support page is from 3 months ago and hasnt updated.


      Thanks for the help.