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    Password error




      I have a odd problem. I'm using three different Mac computers on my network to access my Slingbox. MacBook Pro, Minimac and an iPad. Only the MacBook and the iPad  work OK. The Minimac is always asking to log in and and gives me an password error. I know the password is right!


      I change the IP address on the Minimac - no help.

      Restarted the router - no help.


      Any ideas?






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          I have a similar error, changed my password. Logged in the first time on my Mac then went to my PC would not login, went back to my MAC now wont login?

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              I have the same problem in Windows. I had to reset my Slinbox Pro. When I click Watch TV I am prompted to enter the password. It is correct but not accepted. Therefore I get a password error. Is there a default password after the reset