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    Volume control doesn't affect the DVR?


      I have a slingbox pro hooked up to a Comcast Cisco/Motorola RNG200 DVR. When watching on my laptop through the browser viewer or on my phone through the slingplayer app, everything works fine IF the volume on the DVR has been turned up with the remote at home. However, if I've turned the volume way down on the DVR at home and then try to turn it up through the app or the web viewer, it doesn't do anything? I've tried loading different remotes into my web player to see if the IR transmitter will get the volume to go up, but I've had no luck so far and I'm unable to hear anything on slingplayer because no one is home to turn the volume up on the box for me. Every other remote command works except for volume up/down/mute, which only move the slider on the player's volume bar but don't bring up the volume bars on screen that I get with the remote at home. Any help or alternative remote suggestions would be appreciated.

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          Slingplayer is designed to 'hijack' the Volume (& Mute) buttons and use them to control it's own volume.  The commands never get passed to the device.  The only solution would be for me to build you a Custom Remote that mapped the Volume codes onto some different buttons.  Let me know if you want that.