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    Latest Update Ruined the App

    MTFrobin Newbie

      I have the Droid Max and this latest update ruined the GUI.

      your no longer can get to the remote without hitting the screen several times.

      And when the remoter menus appear they hid within seconds giving you no time the scroll the program guide.

      And now there's a big delay when trying to channel surf through the guide.


      I can't even uninstall the update.


      THIS IS BAD I have been using Sling ox for over 8 years this is the worst update ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          MTFrobin Newbie

          Most of us that are on the forum know how to setup and use the hardware and software.

          The update does not work for Andriod Phones.


          The Program Guide provider does not list our channels correctly and are missing lots of channels.

          I have even tried again with configuring different cable boxes and providers.


          That provider you use for the guide is not up to par!!!!!

          Making the guide that pops up first usless!!!!


          We need to use the guide that's on ths cable box.

          Please tell your staff we need the older version avable to us on Play Store!!!!


          Thank you


          P.S. I have TWC SignatureHome service. I have 50mbps down and 5mbps up.     

          I also have the Driod Maxx on Verizon 4G, I get 4,600 kbps on my unlimited data plan.     

          And still this is not working with the lag you have in the update. Never happen with the old one!!!!!!!!!

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            I 100% agree with this, I just posted this as my review to the app:


            I like the design of the newest update, but now when changing channels or fast forwarding using tivo, it has to play through like 6 or 7 sec of buffer. Before if I changed the channel or FF, it would immediately go to the end of the buffer and do the action being performed.  This way, FF'ing, I have no idea when to press play to stop the FF, it's made this version unusable...


            Also, I always only use the remote control options, I wish there was an option to always use the remote controls instead of the new set of controls at the bottom, it's annoying to press FF and then wait a sec and then the remote disappears when I'm trying to push the play button...  


            please fix these issues!!


            Please SlingGuys, FIX THESE!

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                At least now I know I'm not the only one.  I just bought Slingbox about 6 weeks ago.  It was working beautifully until the latest client update on my Droid Bionic.  Please, either quickly fix the new client or make the older one available somehow.


                Do I need to pursue returning this model for one of the newer releases?  Is the new app optimized for the new models only?

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                I tend to agree. The biggest problem I'm having is that the buffer used in 2.0.5 seems massive - this means that it takes around 7 seconds for a change of channel, or worse a forward wind/play operation to take effect.  I don't have these problems with the browser based player, running over the same network.


                It's a real shame that they also decided to make the controls a second tap away by having to press the remote in the top right of the screen, and the timeout is a pain, especially when you have to wait 8 seconds for the control to take effect.





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                  thank you very much!!!
                  installed the previous version and all working ok again....
                  its over one month now since 2.0.5 arrived and after 2 phone calls to support i was going nowhere....
                  it took 30 sec to sort the prob out....
                  again thank you very much!!!

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                    MTFrobin Newbie

                    So it's been almost a year and this is the only update you guys could come up with?????


                    Taking the play tab and making a Widget out of it!!!!, this is a joke right?


                    I thought you where concentratiing on getting the big, huge, long delay fixed when using controls!!!!!!!!!


                    You could of at least made a setting to allow us to increase the lenght of time the controls stay on the screen!!!!!!!

                    You know, something that would make controlling our devices easier.

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                        Thinking about it, I'm not sure there's a massive amount they can do about

                        control delay due to the encoding lag.  Unless they can reduce the lag

                        time, then there will always be that delay. That's why SQ suffers less from

                        the problem than HQ.


                        The widget is a definite improvement. My biggest frustration is the

                        position and size of the other buttons - it's too easy to miss for me,

                        especially the bottom edge, which ends up dismissing the buttons. It would

                        be better if the buttons made it all the way to the edge of the screen.

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                        MTFrobin Newbie

                        I really don't use version 2 series too much, I wanted to see what this latest update did.

                        Well "IMHO" NOTHING!!!!!!


                        So back to v1.3 I go!!!!!!!

                        No lag with that version. HD viewing is the same with the SB Pro HD and I can adjust video and volume, for me the SB500 was a waste of money considering I own three Slingcatchers.