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    Slingbox Internet viewing suddenly stopped working

    Vifa84 Newbie

      I have had the prohd for a few years and the pro before that so I'm not new to procedures associated with setting up a slingbox.

      Yesterday when coincidentally I think when I got my new iphone 5 with slingplayer stopped allowing hd viewing like the port forwarding wasn't setup.

      So I have tried to reconfigure it several times with no luck.  Even my ipads at the house on the local network won't play hd anymore, acting like it's not configured with only one dot showinging to the left.

      Steps tried


      Reset the box to original settings

      Forwarded port 5001 to

      Still no luck

      One note:  I previously had the unit set to and port 9051 and when you go to the slingbox website and click on support it shows with port 9051??? even though I can only ping

      Just for the **** of it i set the router back to forward to 9051 but still it doesn't work

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          Vifa84 Newbie

          The problem is that the ip address shown on the slingbox.com website and port are stuck on : 9051 no matter what I change it to it stays the same if you click on support that is what comes up for private ip and port...  I know that's not the ip becasue what ever i change it to i.e. : 5001 will ping and does not.  It's like something got corrupted. tried resetting the unit twice with no help.


          I can click manually change settings, change the ip to and port to 5001, hit save, forward that port on the router, check that it changes the ip buy opening a command prompt and pinging the ip.  then go to slingbox.com,  click on support and it list the ip as and port as9051


          Additionaly, what really ****** me off is that i paid a few hundred dollars for the pro then another 300 dollars for the prohd, then 30 for the iphone app then antoher 30 for the ipad app and I can't even get support from this great website!  Can 't even freakin email them!