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    19-month-old SlingBox Solo stopped working


      My SlingBox just stopped working.  The power light will not illuminate even when plugged into a working outlet.  I called technical support and they said to buy a new power supply for $20. But if the power supply turned out not to be the problem, I could not return the power supply.  The only other option I was given was to pay $100 for a reconditioned SlingBox.  I only paid $145 for it new from Amazon.


      I am so frustrated.  This device is only 19-months old, and it would seem that SlingBox is unwilling to stand behind their product.


      Does anyone else have this problem?



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          Did you update the Slingbox Firmware recently - mine went dead me since I updated new firmware. Nobody is telling me anything. People in Costa Rica have orders to tell is the routers and sling does not support all routers switches.


          Mine worked for 19 months without any problems and since i Updated the Firmware now it gets disconcted every 2 seconds. I can even get it to set up after a reset because it disconnects.


          Want original firmware , how to get?

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            robbr Newbie

            I knwo this isn't what you had hoped to hear, but I'd spring for the 20 bucks and replace the cord.  I have replaced 2 cords on my Slingboxes (classic and pro) it seems that for whatever reason they do tend to die over time.  Double check yours and make sure it's not hot or making a noise, if it's either of those 2 then you know for sure you have a bad power adapter.

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                Thanks Roobr but Not Spending one cent after reading all the other posts. Need a Slingbox Official Fix ASAP. Like many people paying monthly just to feed content to the technology and I need a clear understanding of real service cost. Apps Cost adds to the sunk cost. I Already Paid the "it could be anything $29.99 game".

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                    robbr Newbie

                    I'd take AZ's advice try to replace the cord if you want at Radio Shack or somehwere else near you that has power cords to match.  I only offered the advice becuase I have had 2 boxes where the power supplies went out and caused issues with the box not getting the correct power.  You might be able to talk you way into free help from Sling, some have had success with that some have not.  If you happen to have a Sling Catcher or ProHD you can swap out the power supplies and see if that helps.  The only other "known" issue I have heard of was with a firmware update on the Pro, that was only a known issue with the Pro though, didn't involve any other models.

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                  ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

                  Here are the specs on the Solo's power supply:


                  Pro HD-Solo PS and Polarity Specs.png

                  (Click to Enlarge)



                  If you can find a power supply that meets these specs with a plug fits in the hole, you might be able to get around ordering something you don't need and can't return.



                  There's got to be a Radio Shack somewhere nearby, take your Slingbox for a field trip and try it in the store. 



                  - Az

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                    Hi, wehokev and all


                    Use the link below for Sling Support contact information.


                    Contact Sling Media Support



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                      My Slingbox Classic has sopped working most of the time.Sometimes it turns on all by itself othertimes it won't come on at all, no power light...nothing. I thought it might be the power supply so I purchased a new one from Sling, it has made no difference at all. Any help, gratefully received.

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                          Here's my issue:


                          Slingbox Solo stopped working recently - don't recall exactly when:

                          Symptoms - Power light blinks every second and network light won't come.


                          Steps to correct:

                          1. Hard reset - pressing reset on back of unit for 5 seconds does no good!
                          2. New power cord - tech support after hearing I had a Ktec power cord graciously sent me a new one free of charge and indicated that was most likely my problem - no luck here. Not successful.


                          What's going on?  Is it bricked?  New firmware issue.


                          Help - not really willing to give tech support $30.