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    Please give us our old player back.


      My problem is worse with the new version of web sling player. I could not even connect to my sling box. I am able to connect it using ipod touch. So, I am pretty sure it's not a problem with my notebook. It's a problem with the new web sling player.

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          gmoney Newbie

          Sorry to hear you're having problems.


          Could you please provde some specific details?

          • What OS and web browser you are using?
          • What error message you're seeing when the connection failure occurs?


          What have you tried?  If you have secruity software, did you add the updated plugin to its white list?

          How many dots are you seeing when you connect via your iPod touch?


          Troubleshooting SlingPlayer for iPad video issues (sorry, can't find the iPod version)


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              How can we get back the old Sling Player to use on IE 9 and Firefox?  he new locations of icons is too spredout , we liked how the old one navigated.  also the old one would always show the bit rate, now yyou need to go to an icon to see it.  Very unhappy with this forced change!  I may come to like it given  time but would like an option to transition to new setup.  Could have sent notice prior to the suprise change.