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    Trouble entering slingbox ID


      I got the new Sling player for my android phone the other day, and it worked much better than the previous version.  When I tried to use it again, it said that it could not connect to my slingbox.  So I logged into slingbox.com and found that my slingbox had been erased from my account.  So I tried to add it again, but when I entered my ID as xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx, the input field would truncate the last 4 characters, then remove the dashes and tell me that I needed a 32 character ID.  Maybe you can make this a little more user-friendly so that it will handle the full length with the dashes and then if you want to remove them, that's OK.  I figured it out, only after counting all the characters while sending this message.