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    Keyboard shortcuts now malfunctioning on virtual remote

    OvCollyer Apprentice

      After the recent web plugin update for Mac, I have discovered that the green button on the virtual Sky+ HD remote no longer responds to the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+G or Cmd+Shift+G.


      However, if I hover the mouse over this button on the virtual remote, it correctly states that it can be triggered by "Cmd+Shift+G". Instead, when I choose this key combination, it reacts as if I have pressed simply "G" - which is mapped to the Guide button.


      I have reproduced this on two different Macs.


      The thing is, I had setup a Mac Mini so that I can control my Slingbox on my TV using Remote Buddy and a Harmony Remote - for this to work properly, it relies on all the Sky remote buttons being mapped to a key and working correctly.


      So this bug has now broken an effective Slingcatcher replacement system


      I've also noticed that I can no longer modify the keyboard shortcuts themselves (I need to, since lots are missing on the Sky+ HD remote) - previously I could make a custom .SPR file in the Remotes directory and lock it so that it didn't get overwritten when it connects and thus would continue to use my customised keyboard shortcuts.


      This no longer works - when it fails to overwrite it, it now just reverts to the default remote rather than use my customised one.