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    Slingplayer Android Update = Great! but needs a few tweaks...


      Dear Slingbox,


      You've neglected us. For years us Android users simply were embarassed to try to use the app in public. A $30 app that had severly poor quality and was almost NEVER on sync with the audio. It was hard to navigate too. No updates. No explaination. No love. Just 50k+ downloads (x $30 = Over $1.5 million of our money). It was embarrasing.


      But now with an update (FINALLY!) we see the light. This app is now good enough to tell others about. It's not 100% but if it was 30% before, it's 90% now. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We Android users hope you don't leave us hanging for long again before you come back with more enhancements and UI updates and bug fixes. Please. That's not much to ask since you've taken over 1.5 million bucks from us alone. Here are a few things you can start with:


      1) Channel changing speed. It's somehow slower now. Type in numbers (or even select a channel from the program list) and it takes a LOOOOONG time for the player to change and when it does it does so so incredibly slowly now that sometimes the channel has changed before your numbers are all typed in. So if you hit channel 1602. Well 10 seconds later the remote has only finished entering in 1-6-0...the channel is changed and then once again with the last number "2" so you end up on channel 2. Please fix this delay. It was bad before but its worse now somehow and who knew that was even possible.


      2) Love the new program and UI. But why do you have a button that says SQ, when you are already in SQ mode? Common sense would suggest that if you hit SQ, that would take you to the SQ version of the video. But no. You've changed this now and made it opposite. Please go back to the way it was. Oh and zoom has the same issue as well now. This should be fixed. Again, small details, but important.


      3) Please continue to update. Quality, connectivity on 3G, 4G, LTE, and wifi...response time, **** even if you just chime in every month and update a color from blue to slightly darker blue, please do it. That way we know you are there and exist and care about our $1.5 million contribution. This recent update was huge. Much needed. But is that the last we'll here from you for another year or two like last time? I hope not.


      Thank you for your time.




      Android User

      (Galaxy S3 on Verizon LTE)