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    tap on display shows menu options instead of remote controls.


      After the Android update to 2.0.5, when I tap on the display, instead of getting the remote controls, I get the menu options.  I then have to tap the small remote control icon in the top right to bring up the remote controls.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  On the old version I went into the menu options two or three times total and that was just for the initial setup, but now I have to look at it everytime I start the app or attempt to use the remote.  I hope I dont have to wait another year for an update.


      I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 running Android 4.0.4.   I've gone into applications and cleared the cache and data for the Slingplayer app, but it hasnt changed.

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          It seems a number of people are complaining about the menu/remote issue in the latest update so I'll just place this comment on all of the existing ones, hoping that someone from SlingBox will see it in one of them, instead of posting another one of my own.


          I have the same issue. I dislike having to hit the remote button in the corner every time I want to use the remote. I also dislike how fast the remote controls time out. Here are some ways you could improve this. 1) Make the menu bar just another choice along the top (along with play, arrows, numbers, misc). Those controls already remember which you had last selected even when you hide the controls. 2) Make the remote button in the top right corner a toggle between remote and menu and remember the last state. 3) Timeout duration should be a settings menu option.


          Please hurry, I use SlingPlayer almost every day and it is really frustrating to control right now.