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    Slingbox does not work outside of Home Network


      I have a Slingbox Solo that worked fine with my old Dlink router, but I switched to Clear Wireless and updated my router to a Dlink DIR655.  The auto setup did not configure the box for viewing outside my home network, so I did the manual port forwarding and still can not view outside my home network


      Any ideas?



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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Frank,



          A hard reset on the Slingbox is often required when switching routers.  However if you have a solid network light on your Solo, Setup was able to find it and local viewing is working, you probably don't need to do that.



          Here are some suggestions (they assume your Slingbox is set to use the port 5001 default)...


          - Doublecheck the forwarding rule on your router.  Enter the router's config and go to Advanced > Virtual Server.  Your entry should look something like this:

          Picture 2.png

          (Click to Enlarge)


          On the DIR655, Port Forwarding is used to forward a range of ports to one device, Virtual Server is used to forward a single port.  Either should work if you input the right numbers, but I'd go with the virtual server since we're dealing with one port and that's what it is intended for.



          - Verify that Port 5001 is indeed open and the Slingbox is accessible.  You can go here to check:



          Click on the blue Probe Port button.  If the result shows it to be OPEN, the router is configured properly the Slingbox responded to pings.  If it shows STEALTH and the virtual server rule is enabled, something is wrong with the Slingbox settings.



          - Have a look at what the Slingbox is reporting about itself.  If you go to support.slingbox.com and log in, you should see something like this:


          Picture 1.png

          (Click to Enlarge)


          The section I highlighted in blue is what you're interested in.  Setup Complete will likely say NO.  Make sure the Slingbox Private IP Address matches what you entered in the router forwarding rule.  If your Solo is getting an IP automatically from DHCP (default behavior), disregard where it says static IP in my picture.



          If you've come this far, you didn't catch anything and remote viewing still doesn't work, I suggest continuing with these steps:


          - Do a hard reset on your Solo



          - Run Setup Assistant from setup.slingbox.com

          (running it from the SlingPlayer program is okay, but try the web setup first)


          - When it comes time to configure the router, use this tool if Setup can't figure it out:





          Hope this helps !


          - Az

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              Thanks for help, unfortunately it did not work.  Everything is setup according to directions, but I get STEALTH when probing port 5001.


              Should I try changing the port number to something like 5002 on both the Slingbox and Router?



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                  ArizonaSackbut Apprentice
                  Everything is setup according to directions, but I get STEALTH when probing port 5001.




                  A major clue was in your original post when you mentioned you were using Clear Wireless as your ISP, but it didn't set off any bells in my head at the time.  Getting STEALTH on the Slingbox port after running the directions and verifying correct configuration leaves only blocked ports at the ISP.



                  And that's the answer.

                  (I don't think it's technically a blocked port in this case, but the effect is the same)



                  The solution is to either call Clear and ask their Tech Support gang to open 5001 for you, or move your Slingbox and router rule over to something that's already open.


                  The good news is that it doesn't appear that Clear is being nasty or sneaky about any of this.  Have a look here, here and here- it's good reading.  The first link in particular covers the situation and solution quite well, just substitute "Remote Desktop" with "Slingbox" when you read it.



                  If you decide to move the port, I wouldn't suggest going with 5002.  That's a common alternative port for Slingers, but I think it's going to hit the same problem.  The company guy suggested 8080 in one of those links, and I've seen 443 work in similar situations.  As long as the Slingbox and the forward rule match, you can choose any open port you like.  The trick will be finding one.




                  Alright !  Get that port opened up and say how it goes.  I think we got it this time Frank.


                  - Az