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    Loosing Audio Synch after latest player update

    palmerg Newbie

      Since updating the Firefox Sling Player yesterday (Oct 3rd) if I FastForward (through commercials) or the video pauses (streaming lag) for a period of more than a few seconds I loose audio synch. The video will lag behind the audio by 3-5 seconds. Very annoying.

      I have left it try to resynch for up to 3 minutes but so far no dice.

      What I have to do to resynch is:

      1. Stop playback
      2. Select "Stop and Save" on my DVR
      3. Select the program from the List again
      4. Select "Resume Playback"
      5. Audio and video will now be synched


      Has anyone else observed this?

      There was also an upgrade to the Software on our Brighthouse DVR but it was almost a week ago so I discounted it but maybe it's factor.

      Any advice?



        • Re: Loosing Audio Synch after latest player update
          hightower Newbie

          Don't expect a fix anytime soon.  In the last week, Sling has broke their iOS apps, messed up their web based viewer.  The list of problems is getting bigger and bigger with everyday that passes.  They attempt to fix one problem and fail at that, but also break other things in the process.


          I honestly don't expect any real fix for weeks to months.  SlingBox really messed up this time, and will not admit it.  Honesty is the best route, maybe someday Sling will realize this.....