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    Program Guide Has No HD Channels

    Guitar4Him Newbie

      I have a Slingbox Pro connected to a Time-Warner DVR.  There are lots of HD channels available on the DVR.  I'm connecting to the Slingbox Pro using the Slingplayer for Android Phones installed on the following:


      - Droid X2

      - Samsung Galaxy Tablet (7")

      - Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1"


      The app works fine on all 3 devices.  Yesterday, I upgraded the app to version 2.0.5.  It's working fine but the new Program Guide shows only the low-band (non-HD) channels.  Clicking on the "HD" button results in an "! Alert" message that states "No HD channels available".  Is there any way to get the app to cover the HD channels?


      BTW...connecting to the Slingbox Pro using the "watch Slingbox" plugin in Firefox also shows no HD programs in the Program Guide.