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    HD quality remotely?


      I'm considering buying a Slingbox PRO-HD but I'm wondering if I can get HD quality while not in the home network. The box would be stationed in CA and I would be watching it remotely on my laptop in IL. I consistantly get over 1.5 Mbps and my computer has the requirements to meet HD. What is the video quality I can expect from Slingbox HD? Or would it be best to get a Slingbox Solo? Thanks for your help.

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          palmerg Newbie

          We live in Italy and our SlingBox(SB) is in FL.


          We have a Pro-HD and we love it. We had a Solo and we were not very happy with its playback quality.


          Here are some tips to get the best quality picture.

          1. On the network where the SB is connected - where the video is sent from
            • Get the highest Upload Speed you can from your ISP (Brighthouse, Comcast, Verizon, etc.)
            • Consider using a router optimized for video streaming and one that supports 802.11/n or better
          2. On the network where you watch (laptop in your case)
            • Get the best Download Speed you can from your ISP (1.5 Mbps may be ok for HD if your laptop processor and video card are up to it)
            • Consider using Wired Ethernet if the WiFi isn't getting you the HD quality you want (Wired may make up for laptop performance limits)



          Best of luck,


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              Thanks for the reply palmerg. Would you say that the quality you get with the Pro HD is HD? Currently we have a SB Solo hooked up (borrowing it from a friend to see how it works) The Solo does the job but by no means is the picture crisp and clear HD quality. My concern is that I've read reviews that in the home network the HD works great but when you go outside the home network the quality goes down. Since I will always be outside the home network I still want to ensure that I can receive HD quality before I go out and drop big money on it.


              The upload speed where the box is located is 4.0 Mbps. My download speed is 18 Mbps. The router is 802.11/n. My wifi does work pretty well but I can always hard wire it.,

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                  palmerg Newbie

                  HI Jasonpwilliams,

                  Well your speeds are way higher than mine so I woulds assum that you will get better performance.

                  With my speeds of about 1.2 MB Upload in FL and just over 6MB here in Italy I get a very good picture almost all the time. However, there are times when the quality toggles depending on load I guess. If by HD you mean 1080p showing hair follicles I never get that. I get consistant DVD quality and sometimes close to 720p for extended periods especially at low peak net usage early in the morning or very late in the evening.

                  I have attached a pic showing a TV screen image of what I get in the late afternoon, Italy time (EST + 6hrs). Of course the pic is rendered at less quality than I am seeing because of refresh rate and shutter speed artifacts but it will give you an idea.

                  I would say that with your net specs you should expect to get stellar performance but of course Murphy is always around.

                  Hope this helps!


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                OvCollyer Apprentice

                1.5mbs isn't enough to get the highest (ie HD) resolution - it'll stutter.


                You need 3mbps really.


                Even at the highest that the SB Pro HD will stream at (about 8mbps) I wouldn't call it HD.


                While the resolution might be technically HD (1080i) the compression they use means that in my experience (and I've studied this a lot) it won't be comparable to a true HD picture receivable from a satellite dish.


                Still pretty good and a bit better than SD though.