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    Why wont TIVO Transfer Work


      i have a Tivo Premier, Its Hard Drive is Almost Full, i want to Move some of the Programs to my "MAC" Computers Hard Drive, i own a Copy of Toast 10 which worked fine with my OLD  Tivo unit. but now when i try to access tivo transfer the App WONT OPEN. what  could be the Problem  ?   My thoughts were (1)  I need Toast 11 for the Premier and toast 10 is oly for the older versions of Tivo OR (2)  we can no longer move shows from our Tivo to our computer due to Copyright issues  OR (3)  My Toast 10 disk has Corrupted files and thats why Tivo trasfer wont open...................MY QUESTION TO YOU.......which  thought is correct, the reason I ask is once i spent the $79 for TOAST 11  i cannot  bring it back to the store nce i open it.......my fear is tivo transfer wont work there either.......im looking for someone who already encountered this issue.....thanks in Advance