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    Slingbox Pro-HD in endless setup loop



      I've used the slingboxes (mostly Slingbox- Solo) for years. We use them in a relative big corporate network, where we use them to check local sites for a cable company to check for uptime for cable services (Television channels and Video On Demand). The Slingbox Solo has been ok to setup, even if there have been some hardware issues for quite a number of them. Now I've purchased 4 new Slingbox Pro-HD boxes, and when trying to setup one of them in a remote site, the setup fails every time. I've tried 2 different boxes, so it should not be the hardware. The problem is as following:


      1. I connect the slingbox and laptop to the same network (onsite), where I have connectivity to the slingbox
      2. I start the slingbox setup using the Slingplayer 1.5.1 or the 2.0. I use the old Slingplayer applications, as I have no Internet connection in these hubsites, so I can not use Slingbox.com. Earlier this has worked ok using the Slingbox-Solo
      3. I can connect and start the installation/Setup
      4. The entire setup is completed, except the remote viewing check, which has NEVER worked on all the 20 slingboxes I've setup earlier.
      5. So either the remote viewing check "hangs" in the end of the setup, making the setup to be not completed, OR I can ignore the last remote viewing check and completing the setup, which should not affect the setup I've configured
      6. If I ignore the last remote viewing check, which is the only way I can complete the setup for Slingbox Pro-HD, the setup seems to be completed. When I then try to log on to the slingbox, which is showing in my Slingbox directory, a pop-up appears telling me this unit is NOT setup, and that I need to start the setup for this unit again. This I've tried 10 times on 2 different Slingbox Pro-HD boxes, with same result!!!


      According to your own software and hardware compability table, it should be ok to use either Slingplayer v1.5.1 or 2.0 to setup Slingbox Pro-HD. So what could be the problem?


      Kind regards Frode