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    Remotely updating my slingbox player




      Last year I moved to Brazil but before I went I set up a slingbox at my brother-laws-house.  He now wants to upgrade his internet with a new wireless router.  Can I update my information from here or does my computer physically have to be at the house with the new router?  I Remember when I initially set it up I had to be on the same wifi connection.  Any help with this would greatly be appreciated.





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          The sling setup for the new router will have to be done at the slingbox location, but your only option could be, if your brother in law has a computer at the slingbox location, is to get him to install the free logmein remote controlling software on to his computer. You use your computer to take over his computer, sign in to your sling account. Re-run the setup with the new router and you should be good to go.


          I've got a computer setup this way at my slingbox location in case I need remote access. This helps when you don't have a tech savvy family.




          Send the download link for him to setup a free account, Once installed and running on his end, you'll just need a plugin added to your browser. Sign in to the account and take over his computer letting you access the slingbox and the new router.


          That's about your only option unless you can talk him through the setup over the phone or use I.M.